We Met with Young People!

Our Unifree CHRO and Executive Board Member, Dr. Selma Kalkavan, met with young people at the C-Suite event held at Bahçeşehir University on Friday, June 2. Valuable business actors inspired university students with answers to their questions. Dr. Selma Kalkavan, in reply to the questions of young people and young business professionals, gave them advice:
“We try to raise young people in an overprotected fish tank, and then they may expect that the world will go on to be protected in business life and forget their own power. Every day, note down something that is important to you and you have done well that day. Keep doing this every day. Then find the keyword of that week and how it makes you feel. Then do this exercise on a monthly basis and find which of your strengths and what events made you appreciate yourself the most during that month. At the end of 1 year, you will see your most impressive aspects as a gift to yourself. You may not be in an environment of appreciation, but this exercise will give you motivation to demonstrate your potential and turn it into performance. Everything is changing fast, and the competence you have today may become overdated or may transform even before you graduate. It is important that you observe what is there outside, what is happening in different disciplines and find out how to adapt these changes to your own business. It can also be recommended for young people to follow the trends and reflect them to their business for growth.”