How many products can I buy and carry?

In line with the customs rules of the Republic of Türkiye, you can shop following the purchasing limits applicable for our stores on the departure and arrival floors. Admission limits of the countries visited vary.

Is alcohol allowed on connecting flights?

You can take the liquid products you purchase with you on your connecting flight in a special sealed carrying bag that you will be given during payment. However, according to the rules and restrictions of the country of final destination, the purchased liquid product may be seized at the transfer point, even if it is in a special sealed bag. Since countries' liquid acceptance rules vary, we recommend that you take this into consideration during purchase and check it with your final destination.

Should the person doing the shopping and the passport holder be the same person?

In accordance with the duty-free shop regulations, the person doing the shopping and the passport holder must be the same person.

Are the prices tax-included?

Products sold in our duty-free stores are exempt from all taxes (VAT, SCT).

Can I shop without having any flight?

To shop from our stores, you should be an international passenger.

Can I pay for products at the departures floor stores and then receive them at the arrivals floor stores when I return?

In accordance with customs rules and due to different stocks, product transfer is not possible between our stores. Therefore, you can only receive your products from the stores you purchased them from.

Can I shop with my child's passport?

You can do it if your child has passenger status like you. We would like to remind you that the age limit for buying alcohol and tobacco products is 18.

Can I shop without my passport or boarding pass?

Our stores are located at areas after passport control. In accordance with customs rules, it is mandatory to present your boarding pass and passport to activate the cash register system in our stores.

Do you have a product catalogue?

Due to the high circulation and product variety in our stores, we do not have a printed product catalogue.

Can I find the same products in your departure and arrival floor stores?

The product range in our stores may vary.

Are your products original?

The products in our stores are approved for sale after the procedures under the Turkish customs rules and take their place in the shelf stocks. Therefore, their originality is guaranteed.

I am sensitive to some product ingredients. What should I do?

People may be sensitive to some substances contained in the products. For this reason, we recommend that you test the sample products in our store before buying them.

Can I change the product?

Product changes or refunds are not possible after the day of purchase if you have left the duty-free area.

Which currency in cash can I pay for my purchase?

Turkish Lira, American Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Saudi Arabian Riyal, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Swiss Frank.

What is your working hours in duty free stores?

Our stores are opened 7 days and 24 hours.

Can I have a stock and price information for tobacco or alcoholic products?

According to the law and regulations, we are sorry that we are unable to share information regarding alcohol and tobacco products.